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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tiga Roda Award 2007

Tiga Roda Award 2007

Theme: White Cement-based Public Furniture Design and Urban Lifestyle

Brief :

* Theme: "White Cement-based Public Furniture Design and Urban Lifestyle".
* Public furniture in this term is a broad field of functional objects or products located in public area, such as: seat furniture, pedestrian lighting, shelter, pedestrian, amusement facilities in playground, and another (Please choose one object for one design).
* Main material used is white cement and it is possible to be combined with another materials.
* Deadline of submission: 10th November 2007.
* Submission includes: (1) 3D Rendered Images of the Product and its use; (2) Design Concept; (3) Technical Drawing. All items are on A3 paper.
* Participant could be individual or group (3 person max.).
* Each individual/group will be requested to submit max. 3 designworks (color)
* Submission by email to: and to mailing address:

Product Development Department PT. Indocement TunggalPrakarsa Tbk. Wisma Indocement, 17th Fl.
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav.
70-71 Jakarta Selatan 12910.

Please write code "Tiga Roda Public Furniture Design" in upper left of the envelope.

* Industrial design right is owned by the participant.
* Projects participating to the competition must be original works, innovative, and free from copyrights and any kind of obligation.
* Usable (comply with technical requirements, not only imaginative idea).
* Competition is closed to Indocement
* The jury is composed of industrial designers, engineers on material, and experts on urban lifestyle.
* No correspondences is allowed.
* Winning entries will be announced in December 2007.
* The designers of 4 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards

Gold Award Rp 15 million
Silver Award Rp 10 million
Bronze Award Rp 5 million
Favorite Award Rp 2.5 million

* The first 50 participants will receive souvenir from Indocement.

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